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Today in WMH: President’s Day!


2/18 Today in Weird Music History: A Repost for President’s Day! I posted this back on Inauguration Day, but it seems appropriate for President’s Day in the U.S. as well.  We all know that sometimes it’s the lyrics that sell a song.  But the POTUS’s march is a song with words that we never hear! A conspiracy, or just an embarrassing situation for the other side of the aisle that refuses to join in? Perhaps if more heard and acted on the words, something might get accomplished in Washington:

“Hail to the Chief we have chosen for the nation,

Hail to the Chief! We salute him, one and all,

Hail to the Chief, as we pledge cooperation

In proud fulfillment of a great, noble call.

Yours is the aim to make this grand country grander,

This you will do, that’s our strong, firm belief.

Hail to the one we selected as commander,

Hail to the President! Hail to the Chief!”

Here’s a link explaining more to the history of the POTUS’s special song:



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