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Today in Weird Music History: 1/2


1/2 Today in Weird Music History: 1962. NBC bans the American folk-music group, The Weavers, after they refuse to sign an anti-communist loyalty oath.  Founder Pete Seeger and other members of the group had been under attack for political beliefs before, resulting in lost recording contracts, television shows, and radio and concert appearances due to McCarthy-era scare tactics. Still, they remained a popular and influential group, their legacy extending to Bob Dylan, the Kingston Trio, and Peter, Paul and Mary.

ALSO Today in Weird Music History: 1958.  Opera star Maria Callas causes uproar in Rome as she sings only one act of Bellini’s Norma then retires, claiming vocal distress.   Her excuse is questioned by many patrons and city officials who witnessed her at a New Year’s party the previous night.



  1. shoreacres says:

    Silly me! I forgot they revised the reader and I can get posts by email automatically. Resolution #284: Pay more attention to how things work around here.

    I remember the banning of the Weavers. I was a sophomore in high school and a passionate folkie. I was so passionate my parents agreed to allow me to travel to Des Moines not long after, to see Peter, Paul and Mary at the KRNT Theater. After the show, we went to a coffehouse and the trio showed up. We sat around and chatted for a half hour. It was wonderful, and didn’t seem at all weird.

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